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What we are

Prodeco Group is a company that is built with the understanding of creating spaces for an eager society who desires and deserves honesty, commitment and overall good taste, focusing on assuring a balanced working team in all the construction areas, with one goal. Our experience in the construction business, building residential and business areas, a lifetime of relationships, complying with regulations and with the best quality possible, the expectations that our clients have in our work, guaranteeing/delivering the best results in each job done has been our calling card/presentation card.
During these 24 years, we have built a great working team, with whom we meet all quality standards that our society needs, with constant training that has allowed and helped us reach our goals as a group, allowing our continuity in the construction business. Today, we keep working to Compete, Construct, Create and Innovate, but above all, maintain our highest quality, “Excellence in Service”.



MISSION Our goal is to become a nation wide construction company, with a firm commitment, dedicated on satisfying our clientele, with high end technology.  Maintaining our high standards of quality, sustained improvement and excellence in serving our clients.
VISION Our goal is to become a leader in the construction area, with a very committed team, reassuring our clients and their projects ,  applying our high standards and  our immediate approach, towards optimizing and planning our resources,  fostering comfortable space area maximizing the quality and service.